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5 Instagrammable cafes in North Goa

Lately, People are obsessed with taking Instagram-worthy photos, and trying out different cafes and restaurants has become a part of the trend now, and yes! Goa has it all. These cafés and restaurants not only serve delightful cuisine but also have an ambience that immediately captivates customers. Why would anyone not visit these places with their fascinating interiors and chilling vibes as well as their lip smacking dishes? Here’s a list of Instagram-worthy cafes in Goa to indulge yourself in!

1. Garden of Dreams

The name alone takes you to another world away from the rush and bustle of city life. This lovely cafe and restaurant is in Arambol, Goa. With its gorgeous set up in between tropical trees, creating a serene and shady aura, this boho spot has a pleasant atmosphere that will soothe your mind and soul. The ambience is fantastic, with cool air, artistic interiors, live music, and jam sessions. They not only have a fantastic location, but they also serve delicious food varying from tasty sandwiches to vegan dishes. It is highly recommended that you visit this location if you are in Goa.

2. Baba au Rhum

Baba au Rhum is a small cafe located at the back of the Baga-Anjuna road. The cafe is hidden away in the jungle, where you can sit under the trees and take in the scenery. They serve delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as French home-baked breads and cakes. Pizza, burgers, quiches, and French pastries are among their specialties. It is a must-see cafe if you are in the Anjuna area and want to experience the pleasant beauty of this place.

3. Artjuna

The name Artjuna attracts visitors to this location in Mandrem, Goa. It’s a must-see destination with a really cool and edgy atmosphere, as well as an artistic setup and a lifestyle boutique that adds to the appeal. It’s a cafe-style restaurant that serves delectable Italian fare,desserts,and fresh fruit juices; their croissant is highly recommended, so don’t miss out on trying it; and, of course, the best place to spend some good coffee dates with your loved one. There are many travellers who spend their days here, maybe chilling or working from a cafe . Visit this cafe for a unique design experience.

4. Cafe Bodega

Cafe Bodega is located in Panjim. A must see cafe especially for those seeking peace and delicious coffee. It is housed in a beautiful cottage-style building with a creative touch and scenic surroundings. They serve European cuisine, and their carrot cake and cucumber cooler are all must-tries. If you are in or near Panjim, head to cafe bodega for some alluring experience of the atmosphere while you sip some creamy coffee.

5. Eva Cafe

Anjuna Restaurant is a cosy Anjuna restaurant that serves Israel and Mediterranean cuisine. They serve Shakshouka, sandwiches, bruschetta, Green Goddess, and other dishes. Cheeses, eggplants, fruits, beetroots, eggs, avocado, basil, and other ingredients are used in this dish. Salads and pasta with various sauces, such as red and white sauce, are also available. Pancakes, cakes, and other sweet dishes are examples. Smoothies, juices, tea, cappuccino, and other beverages are available. Aside from the delicious food, the setting is stunning, with white walls and a breezy sea view.A must visit this cafe to experience greek style ambience. So, guys! What are you waiting for? Head down to these beautiful dreamy cafes in North Goa and blow up your instagram feed with their eye-catching ambience and mouth-watering snacks and drinks. Goa has its own way of offering you the best. Come and experience it all.