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5 Spooky places to visit on your Goa Trip

Goa is so much more than beaches, nightclubs, shacks, and churches. Like every other state, Goa is also filled with places of mystery and various tales. It is certainly fascinating for those with an adventurous spirit to know more about such stories and, most likely, to investigate them. What could be more exciting than a ghost stories?

1. Borim Bridge

The Borim bridge, which connects Ponda and Margao and was built during the Portuguese period, is said to be haunted by a woman’s spirit. A few of them, who stopped their vehicle for help, found her sitting in the backseat once they returned to the vehicle! Nobody crosses the bridge after midnight because of numerous reports of the same incident. Almost everybody who has seen the “ghost lady” has reportedly fallen sick which frightened people even more.

2. Three Kings Church

The Three Kings Church, located on an isolated hill in Cansaulim, is regarded as one of India’s most haunted locations. People who have visited this location after dark have reported seeing shadowy figures and hearing strange noises. According to the tale, the Church is haunted by the spirits of the three kings who fought for the kingdom centuries ago. One of the kings, corrupted by greed, murdered the other two kings but later committed suicide when the enraged locals stormed his home. While the church space makes for an excellent sunset site, the majority of the crowd disperses by late afternoon due to the horror stories linked with it.

3. Igorchem Bandh

Igorchem Bandh, located in the picturesque village of Raia, on a narrow road behind Our Lady of Snow Church, is said to be haunted by evil forces not only at night but also during the day, particularly between 2.00 and 3.00 P.M. Anyone who travels down this road during these hours is said to be possessed by an evil spirit.

4. The Char Khambe

The Char Khambe (Four Pillars) road from Panjim to Santa Cruz is one of Goa’s most haunted. Locals claim that the location is cursed, which records for the numerous accidents that occur here. The road is said to be haunted, especially at full moon. People who pass through this road at night have reported seeing a lady in a white saree standing on the road asking for a lift and hearing a woman scream.

5. Rodrigues House

No horror story would be complete without a haunted house with urban legends surrounding it. The Rodrigues Home is situated in Verna, a village about 10 kilometres north of Margao, the South Goa district headquarters. This mansion, which still houses the Rodrigues family, has been the reported site of several supernatural activities. According to the locals, the house’s doors and windows open and close at will, and the lights flicker on and off to create an ominous atmosphere. Adding to the horror, some claim that the house cutlery continues to move in the absence of any visible external factor!