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Why choose Goa as a destination during Monsoon?

Rumors say that traveling during monsoons is the worst vacationing decision ever. But, when it comes to the beautiful state of Goa, rumors like these tend to lose their validity after the benefits overpower the cons.
See below for yourself the top benefits of choosing Goa for your Monsoon vacation:

1. Cheaper Travel

Cross state travel is one of the factors at every trip budget that chunks up the majority share hence leaving very few for other expenses. During the season, many tourists resist any form of cross border travel due to the rumor stated above hence making the air and rail travel much cheaper than the other seasons.

2. Less Crowded

Enjoying a site in a crowded place is never a good experience, with the beaches and many of the sites being vacated by large crowds in the monsoon season, enjoy the benefit of clicking beautiful pictures without any photobombing from an unknown stranger and travel the land as if your own private estate.

3. Waterfalls over Rainfalls

With the winters and summers drying up this beautiful land, the monsoons bring out the best of the dense nature covering the state with eye pleasing mountains and soul pleasing waterfalls. The iconic Harvalem falls, Surla falls, Kuske and Dudhsagar falls are a pleasure to adore as they flow with joy and ambition.

4. Drizzly Nights

Traveling in heavy rains during dawn may be difficult hence Goa has provided the perfect plan for you to feast on some delicious food, gulp on drinks and dance to the Bass of fantastic music played at nightclubs. Enjoy the moist climate outside while grooving inside any of the multiple clubs of Goa. The most heard club Titos, Mambos and SinQ will be the first to come to mind for such an outing. With less crown there is literally more room for you to sit, relax and enjoy.

5. Festivals

As soon as the sky weeps with rain, the state rejoices on the coming occasion of Goa’s most loved Sao Jao festival which is celebrated on 24th of June every year. The streets in Goa come alive with people dressed in colorful clothes wearing crowns made of flowers to celebrate the feast of joy and happiness.

6. Cheaper Accomodations

Accommodating yourself in Goa will now not be a worry with multiple vacant rooms with well maintained hygiene that can be fetched at almost half the prices compared to the peak season of winters in Goa.

The savings do not stop at just room accommodation but all watersports and other activities in the land will come at a much cheaper rate than otherwise.